Goodbeing Center

Service and products


Established Oct., 5, 2018
Members Yang M. Prof. Dept. of Toxicology, SWU; D. American board of toxicology
Lee U. Funding manager and analyst
Han Y. Pediatrician
Shin H. Special analyst
Koh S. IT specialist
Joo Y. M.D. (internal medicine)
Products 1. EDC, BPA(bisphenol A) analysis in urine or blood
2-3. Colorectal cancer-HCAs(MelQX, PhlP) analysis
4. Oxidative stress MDA(malondialdehyde) analysis
5. PM2.5 2-NT (naphthol) analysis
6. PAHs, 1-OHP (hydroxypyrene) analysis
7. Good being Detox consulting
Instruments LC-MS/MS, HPLC/Fd & /UVD, HITACHI 7020, GC/MS/MS
Partners Regular examination Co. KMF, Atmin health care clinic
Hospitals (gynecology, pediatrics, endocrinology, ENT, respiratory/allergy clinics) SNUH, CMC, Hanyang Univ. Hospital, ..
Global business Detroit R&D, MN-AM
Detox products Daesang, ..
Funding PNU Holdings,,, KRW minimum 600,000,000